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My own programs aren't FreeWare and ShareWare as you know it from other vendors:

Most of my own  "PayWare" Windows Tools includes one 100% free 90 days trial license with all features installed. You need to pay for it after the free 90 days trial.

My own  "TryWare" Windows Tools are 100% "FreeWare" without any other restrictions than automatically showing you my donation page, each time you have used it 90 days.

I'm specializing in Windows Tools, that's unknown in the world market. So if you want any, please send me an email about it.

Antivirus: All files that you can download from my website, are scanned with 4 different professional antivirus programs, and also with the free internet services VirusScanJotti and Virus Total

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Breaking news: PsPadEditorCapaLib is ready for download now!

PsPadEditorCapaLib (ShareWare: 90 days free trial version available with all features installed)

Script Editor from with almost 100 different syntax highlighting choices like e.g. html, vbScript and AutoIt3, and lots of other fantastic features. I have added a huge number of vbScript Windows Tools to the PsPad editor, where one of them is specially designed to improve speed, when using the Management System from, so you only need to type 2 letters, to get dozens of syntax validated vbScripts lines pasted automatically into your ComputerJobs.

Windows XP after April 8, 2014 (100% FreeWare)

Please note: This support message is about how to continue using Windows XP after April 8, 2014, only using 100% professional freeware

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