ShareWare and FreeWare programs for domain administrators and Windows users


Tested on:

Windows 7 Enterprise 32 bit

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

Windows XP SP2 32 bit

Page updated October 2012

As you can see in EULA-Copyright.txt located in the C:\ITD\TrywareDk\W7-PHP-HtPasswd\Bin folder I give you a 100% freeware license to use my Windows Tools, but with the exception that you doesn't have license to distribute my Windows Tools. So if you want to give my Windows Tools to a friend, then don't do anything else than give them my download link. There is no restrictions in my Windows Tools, except that I'm showing you my donation website each time you have used my Windows Tool 90 days.

The reason for making my W7-PHP-HtPasswd Windows Tool is this scenario:

As told in the reason scenario above, the solution could be to use an extra logon to these webpages in the SeoProtect subfolder:

  • The first logon protected by "EZG PHP" for the webpages in the SeoProtect webfolder, so urls pointing from the Seo webpages to the webpages in the SeoProtect webfolder is password protected.
  • The second logon is protecting the SeoProtect webpages using .htaccess and .htpasswd files in the SeoProtect webfolder

But it means that the enduser needs to remember two different passwords, and "EZG's PHP" gives the enduser option to create the PHP username and password themselfes, but the solution doesn't create .htaccess or
.htpasswd files. So these 2 passwords doesn't have identical passwords, because it's me, that creates the usernames and passwords in the .htpasswd file, and I only know the username, not the "EZG's PHP" users password.

And that's excactly what my W7-PHP-HtPasswd Windows Tool solves silent and automatic with these options:

  • No installation, only copy an exe and ini file to your computer
  • Highly customizable in the ini file, but a note to anybody downloading my solution: Might not work in other scenarios than EZG's PHP, and a Apache webserver, as I've tested it on my website hosted by

Example of the W7-PHP-HtPasswd.ini file

  • Can run as scheduled task, even silent if needed
  • Several historical backups of your EZG PHP file on your local harddisk.

This is the content of the email, that's automatically is sent by the "EZG PHP Online Admin System"

  • And you don't need to hide your SeoProtect webpages in your Sitemap anymore, and that's excactly what SEO is about, to have your SeoProtect webpages Search Engine Optimized

Your programflow:

  • Without logging into EZG's Online Admin, my W7-PHP-HtPasswd.exe gets all the EZG PHP user accounts, encrypted passwords, names and email addresses, created by the endusers, even new accounts made by the user himself without my knowledge (yet)
  • With these informations a .htaccess and .htpasswd is silently created/modified and uploded to the needed webfolder (with user accounts and encrypted passwords).
  • An email is automatically sent to all the new or password changed endusers about these .htpasswd passwords
  • A logfile is produced in C:\ITD\TrywareDk\W7-PHP-HtPasswd\Log with info about deleted, changed or new user accounts in the silent uploaded .htpasswd file

The endusers experience:

Maybe let your browser remember the password credentials to the
.htpasswd file used by ----------------->

But depending on which of the 3 security levels being used, you need to change it in your browser if a days limit is used.

Then you only need 1 password logon (below) to "EZG's Online Admin", when you want to create access to the PHP secured SeoProtect webfolder:

Information to the enduser:

When we have webpages, that you need to pay for, we use 2 different webfolders, the first e.g. called Seo is not protected, and the second e.g. called SeoProtect is protected. But we can't fully protect the SeoProtect webfolder using only one protection system

So we are using 2 different protection systems, one for e.g. the Seo webpages, and another for the SeoProtect webfolder

The first protection system, e.g. called "EZG PHP Online Admin" (EZG PHP) only protects the SeoProtect webpages, but the SeoProtect webfolder isn't protected, and anybody can see and click on the url's on the Seo webpages. But if anybody can guess the unique url to the webpages in the SeoProtect webfolder, they will get access, because EZG PHP only protect the SeoProtect webpages, when redirecting url's in the Seo webpages. This EZG PHP protection system gives you option to create/modify your username and password yourself, and among other PHP features it also gives us some detailed logfiles.

The second protection system, called .htaccess and .htpasswd (HTML) only protects the SeoProtect web-folder. You can't create/modify your own username and password in this HTML protection system, but we need to do it manually, and email you about it, and it doesn't give us any logfiles.

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