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Page updated September 2012

Program's that I'm using myself - Freeware and purchased:

Well - there's not so much to tell you about this excellent backup program. Just look at the features.

I purchased Backup4All Pro, and I'm having 8 different tasks scheduled to run at different times, copying from my 3 computers, to my USB backup disk, and here is the task log from one of them.

[17-03-2013 02:00:07] Backup4all Professional Edition 4.8.286

[17-03-2013 02:00:07] Starting backup for "AutoIt-XP-DK PROG to CMSTEAM4-02" at 17-03-2013 02:00:07

[17-03-2013 02:00:07] Backup Summary:


      Name:    AutoIt-XP-DK PROG to CMSTEAM4-02



      Destination type:    External hard drive

      Folder:    E:\DrevC\Programmer\



      C:\Programmer\Almeza Multiset Installer



      C:\Programmer\PsPad Editor




          Include filter:

              Include all files.

          Exclude filter:

              Temporary Files - use as exclude

                  ( File name = '*.tmp|*.temp|*.bak|*.chk|*.bkc-journal')


  Backup type:

      Type:    Mirror

      Clear archive bit:    No

      Fast mirror:    Yes


  Advanced settings:


          Test after backup:    Yes

          Backup open files:    Yes

          Backup execution priority:    Lowest priority


          Action before backup:    not enabled

          Action after backup:    not enabled


          Comparison criteria:    [Size, Date modified, Date created, Read-Only, Archived, Hidden, System]



      Send emails to:    support (at)                      (<---- only changed in this copy)

      Attach backup log file to email:    Yes

          Compress the log file:    No

      Backup messages:

          On successful backup send:    <No email>

          On backup with warnings send:    <Default email>

          On backup with errors send:    <Default email>

[17-03-2013 02:00:08] Checking if the drives of the sources exist

[17-03-2013 02:00:08] Checking backup destination (External hard drive)

[17-03-2013 02:00:08] Creating the list of files to backup

[17-03-2013 02:02:49] Folders found to backup: 14

[17-03-2013 02:02:49] Files found to backup: 56 (7,13 MB)

[17-03-2013 02:02:55] Preparing shadow copy

[17-03-2013 02:04:23] Starting test on "AutoIt-XP-DK PROG to CMSTEAM4-02" for backup number 43, the last backup number at 17-03-2013 02:04:23

  Test finished at 17-03-2013 02:04:24, 56 file(s) and 14 folder(s) tested, 0 error(s) and 0 warning(s) found


  Total number of files added to backup: 56

  Total number of folders added to backup: 14

  Total size of files added to backup: 7,13 MB

  Number of files excluded: 0

  Number of folders excluded: 0


And their support is  quick, even if it needs a new build of their program. And that's what I have tried when using their support, a new build within a couple of days of my request, and it worked.

That's what excellent support is about   ;O)

And you can download the full version of all 4 editions for a 30 days trial, and it only costs:

;o) Your brain is also like a parachute. It works best when it's open

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