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Tested on:

Windows 8 Pro 64 bit

Windows 7 Enterprise 32 bit

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

Windows XP SP3 32 bit

Page updated October 2014

I'm currently BETA-Testing my Windows Tool solution, and expect it to be ready early in 2016.

When downloading EasyBrainStimuli it's 100% TryWare license the first 90 days with unlimited features, except showing you my donation website after you have used my CapaLib Windows Tool 90 days.

EasyBrainStimuli.exe isn't installed, but will only unpack itself to the following folder:

So you can't (don't need to) uninstall it using Control Panel, you simply delete the following folder and subfolders:  C:\ITD\TrywareDk\EasyBrainStimuli

You are automatically alerted, if there are updates to the program..

Please be aware that a few antivirus systems could make a "false positive" alert about my installer file, and if it happens with your antivirus system, please read about in in my FAQ, to find out, what I'm doing to fix it, and what you can do to fix it.

You can select to scan the install file for virus, spyware and malware, but I've already done this for you, with many updated versions


When you start EasyBrainStimuli.exe the first time, the following happens:

Showing you my website about EasyBrainStimuli.

New Releases

I automatically alert you, if there is a new release ready, and if so, you can push the download button, and EasyBrainStimuli will automatically download it for you. You can also push the ChangeLog button first, and you will see this website, before you decide, if you need or want to update.


23/3 2014 v1.0.0.0:

  • First Main version.

14/2 2014 v0.1.0.0:

  • BETA version tested by external friends

The releases also contains a lot of files from my own "Windows Features", that is part of all my other Windows Tools, so you might have some of them already.

;o) Your brain is also like a parachute. It works best when it's open

       A l l  t h e  f a l l i n g  M a t r i x  l e t t e r s  e n d s  d o w n  h e r e,  s o
       Z i o n s  r o b o t  w e b  c r a w l e r s  e a t s  t h e  k e y w o r d s    ;O)