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Page updated January 2013

Program's that I'm using myself - Freeware and purchased:

FolderNavigator is a 100% FREE folder/subfolder and file Explorer, that shows you the size and number of files for each folder/subfolder, and navigate them easily:

I use it, when my drives needs a clean up, to determine which of the folders to take care about.

But the main reason is, that my backup or syncronization reports, sometimes tells me about different number of folders/files and total sizes, but not the reason about which files the difference is about.

Maybe take a look at my 3 minutes example movie that's only about 9 files syncronized between 2 drives, but with different total sizes, and my syncronization report only shows:

Searching Source:     1 folders      9 files     348.406.671 bytes

Created Backup:       1 folders      9 files     348.371.011 bytes

Difference:           0 folders      0 files          35.660 bytes

The reason could be, that my syncronize was done with compression, but it wasn't. With only 9 files the reason could easily be searched in Explorer.exe, but imagine if it was thousands of files, and your syncronization report only shows:

Searching Source:   323 folders 93.282 files 107.610.254.321 bytes

Created Backup:     323 folders 93.202 files bytes

Difference:           0 folders     82 files     505.020.198 bytes

The solution is to use FolderNavigator:

  • If you ever need to know which folders and files occupy your disk space, FolderNavigator is just what you need!
  • You don’t even have to launch this application each time manually—just right-click a folder or a disk in Explorer, and then select FolderNavigator in the context menu.
  • Now you can quickly and easily browse your folders, subfolders, and files. You can open or delete them, too.
  • You can also see hidden files, which are normally not displayed in Explorer.
  • You don’t need to read any manuals to start using FolderNavigator, which is designed with simplicity in mind.

USAGE:  After installing the FolderNavigator, right click a folder or a disk in Explorer.exe, and then select FolderNavigator in the context menu.

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