ShareWare and FreeWare programs for domain administrators and Windows users


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Tested on:

Windows 2000 server 32 bit

Windows 2003 server 32 bit

Windows 2000 computer 32 bit

Page updated April 2015

  • W2kLocalGroupPolicy.exe - Can only be run by Domain Admins

  • W2kLocalPassword.exe - Can only be run by Domain Admins

  • W2kLocalMembers.exe - Can only be run by Domain Admins

  • W2kLastReboot.exe - Can only be run by Domain Admins

  • W2kLocalGroupRights.exe - Can be run by all Domain Users in their loginscript

  • Changing the local administrators password on each login

  • Granting/denying users/computers local membership with their loginscript

  • Make ConfigurationRules of which login names are granted to be a member of the local groups, on each Windows 2000 client-computer

  • Removing the security risk

  • Report: Local administrators password on each computer

  • Report: Who is granted/denied

  • Report: Computerlist with ConfigurationRules 1-LR, l-NR, 2-LR and 2-NR

  • Searching computers that isn’t rebooted (it's important to run loginscript)

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