ShareWare and FreeWare programs for domain administrators and Windows users


Tested on:

Windows 2000 server 32 bit

Windows 2003 server 32 bit

Windows 2000 computer 32 bit

Page updated April 2012

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Note: My programs below isn't supported anymore, because the sourcecode compiler is outdated years ago, and so is the Operating System versions.

But these programs still works, and can still be downloaded. And I have lots of support about them on my website:


HTML-reports over specified Eventlogs from specified Servers, all in one place, and only the eventlogs since last HTML-report.


If your users is  Local Administrators done with Global Domain Groups membership, you have a great security-hole. This program shows you the issue and fixes it.


Sorry: This program is only in Danish, and is about how to calculate the mandate distribution or Committee seats in Danish City Councils and Parlament. But there's a lot of Danish screendumps that might help you to understand how it works.

Programmet beregner mandatfordeling eller udvalgspladser jfr. den Dohn'ske metode. Reglerne for beregningen fremgår af Lovbekendtgørelse nr. 105 af 8/2 2011, kapitel 8, § 81.


Reports over hidden system power between computers, when using default installation of Windows 2000.

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