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Tested on:

Windows 2000 server 32 bit

Windows 2003 server 32 bit

Windows 2000 computer 32 bit

Page updated April 2015

Internal security-hole in Windows 2000 – Local Administrators group:

Did you know, that your users  - probably -  from their own computer, can open their colleagues computer with Explorer, without they can see, that it happens?

And that your users  - if it works -  gains total admin power with all documents/files on their colleagues hard disk ?

Your company has this security-hole in Windows 2000, if your users can install programs on their Windows 2000 computer, when they are logged on your company’s network!

W2k-LocalAdminGroup grants you as a domain administrator, many different ways to decide who can/can’t be a member of the Local Admin Group, and who should be deleted. And you get reports, stating how this program secures your installation.

When you input your choices in the program, then you only need 1 line in the loginscript to all your users. This will assure, that your choices are added to the Local Admin Group on all your computers, where the loginscript did run.

This program discovers, if you have this problem.

·    Enumerates all Windows 2000 computers on your Domain

·    Reports the computers, where your users do have total power

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