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Tested on:

Windows 7 Enterprise 32 bit

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

Windows XP SP2 32 bit

Page updated October 2015

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Breaking news: PsPadEditorCapaLib is ready for download now!

Version is ready for download October 5, 2015.

Xxxxxxxxxxxx 2013: A new update of the PsPad Editor is ready for download from, and I'm currently working on a update of my Installer, so please wait, or read more about it below under "Builds"


I used 4 months of 8 hours man power each day to create this solution, using 615.011.115 bytes in 2.605 files, and creating my website about it, and 3 weeks of 8 hours man power each day to create my Installer and Uninstaller for my solution. After that I used 2 months of 8 hours man power each day to BETA test my solution on all the above operation systems.

So I'm NOT offering it to you as freeware, but as 100% PayWare license in 90 days with unlimited features, except showing you my donation website after you have used my CapaLib Windows Tool 90 days. This tryware license is only valid for 1 computer in your domain/workgroup.

If you after a period of evaluation is satisfied using my CapaLib features in PsPad, and want to support my work, please consider to donate to me  -------------------------------------------->

Donation is about my tremendous work in my private leisure, and my costs to hardware, software, code signing, web-hotel, memberships and ADSL connection

Download "Main" installer or "Builds"

Before you download and install my extra CapaLib features to the PsPad Editor from, then
please use a few minutes to see how I'm using them


Because it can't be described in words, and you won't believe it, before you see it. Before starting my video, please make sure you are aware, that from the start to the end of the video, I'm only using shortcuts, and is not typing any words or sentences, but only 2 letters in order to get dozens of syntax validated vbScripts lines pasted into my ComputerJob.


If you wanna see how my Installer and Uninstaller works, look in my FAQ, where you can see detailed screenshots.

My Installers consist of a "Main" installer, that installs the whole solution ready to use, and some "Builds", that only updates 1 file overwriting your installed version. You are automatically warned if there is updates to the "Builds".

Please be aware that your anti virussystem could delete these files.

If so, read my solution about in in my FAQ.


"Main" Installer PsPad 4.5.7(2441)

You need to select Save this program to disk, when you download …

Version          Install-32-bit.exe             Install-64-bit.exe

Normally you can run some 32 bit applications on your 64 bit Operating System. But my installer demands, that you only can run my Install-64-bit.exe on your 64 bit Operating System.

IMPORTANT: Please select Save the file to harddisk instead of Run the file when you download.

You can select to scan Install.exe for virus, spyware and malware, but I've already done this for you, with many updated versions

When you start Install.exe for the first time, the following folders is created:


C:\<Program Files>\PsPad Editor

C:\Users\ <YourUserName> \AppData\Roaming\PSpad

And a link to the PsPad Editor is created in:


C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\PsPad Editor

"Builds"                          (Feature request not ready yet)

You can't download these "Builds" manually, because I automatically alterts you, if there is a new "Build" ready, that you miss on your harddisk, and if so, I give you the option to do download it for you.

Warning: When alerted about new "Builds", please terminate the program you are using with my Windows feature before you download the "Build" file. It doesn't matter to download the "Build" file to the locations described below, becase when you run it, it automatically renames the nessesary files.


If the version number below is, then the "Build" file is identical with the same file being installed with my "Main" Installer. Otherwise it's a newer updated file, according to the feature list below.

Note: To day all the features below is v1.0.0.0

7-Zip v1.0.0.0

Cis.ini  v1.0.0.0 

CloseProgramBox.cis  v1.0.0.0 

Default.cis  v1.0.0.0 

Default.vbs  v1.0.0.0 

Disk Usage v1.0.0.0

FolderDelEmpty.vbs  v1.0.0.0 

Keymap.ini  v1.0.0.0 

Log.ini  v1.0.0.0 

Online.ini  v1.0.0.0 

PE iDentifier v1.0.0.0

PsPad.ini  v1.0.0.0 

Uninstall-32-bit.exe  v1.0.0.0 

Uninstall-64-bit.exe  v1.0.0.0

VBScript.DEF  v1.0.35.1

W7-Backup.exe  v1.0.0.0 

W7-ContextMenuRunAs.exe v1.0.0.0

W7-Display.exe  v1.0.0.0 

W7-DownloadBuildsValid.exe  v1.0.0.0 

W7-ProgressBar.exe  v1.0.0.0 

W7-PsPadCapaLib.exe  v1.0.0.0 

W7-PsPadCapalib.vbs  v1.0.0.0 

W7-PsPadCapaLibLanguage.exe  v1.0.0.0 

W7-SetAcl.exe v1.0.0.0

W7-SilentSwitchFinder.exe  v1.0.0.0  

W7-TrywareDkSettings.exe  v1.0.0.0 

W7-TrywareDkSettings.ini  v1.0.0.0 


The updated "Build" files consist of my following changes/new features:

Cis.ini  Located in C:\<Program Files>\PSPad editor\Syntax

v1.0.0.0 is part of the "Main" installer v1.0.0.0

This feature identifies the .cis extension as highlighter 

CloseProgramBox.cis  Located in C:\<Program Files>\PSPad editor\Context\CustomLib

v1.0.0.0 is part of the "Main" installer v1.0.0.0

This feature is a function for your C:\<Program Files>\CapaInstaller\Client\Lib\Customlib.cis 

that asks the user to close one or two proccesses, before the ComputerJob continues

This feature is a function you can use in your Comuterjobs, and you should add it into all your client computers C:\<Program Files>\CapaInstaller\Client\Lib\Customlib.cis

Default.cis  Located in C:\<Program Files>\PSPad editor\Template

v1.0.0.0 is part of the "Main" installer v1.0.0.0

This feature is a sample .cis file that automatically opens when selecting File/New

Default.vbs  Located in C:\<Program Files>\PSPad editor\Template

v1.0.0.0 is part of the "Main" installer v1.0.0.0

This feature is a sample .cis file that automatically opens when selecting File/New

FolderDelEmpty.vbs  Located in C:\ITD\TrywareDk\PsPadEditor\vbScripts\TrywareDk

v1.0.0.0 is part of the "Main" installer v1.0.0.0

This feature is my function that enumerates a folder and it's subfolders, and deletes them all.

Keymap.ini  Located in C:\Users\ <YourUserName> \AppData\Roaming\PSpad

This feature defines a mong a lot of other things, which shortcut keys is used for each feature

Log.ini  Located in C:\<Program Files>\PSPad editor\Syntax 

This feature identifies the .log extension as highlighter

Online.ini  Located in C:\<Program Files>\PSPad editor

This feature defines the links in menu Help/Online Help/vbScript

PsPad.ini  Located in C:\Users\ <YourUserName> \AppData\Roaming\PSpad

This feature defines almost evry setting in PsPad

Uninstall-32-bit.exe  Located in C:\ITD\TrywareDk\Bin

This feature uninstalls both the PsPad Editor and my extra CapaLb features.

Uninstall-64-bit.exe  Located in C:\ITD\TrywareDk\Bin 

This feature uninstalls both the PsPad Editor and my extra CapaLb features.

VBScript.DEF  Located in C:\<Program Files>\PSPad editor\Context
This feature includes more than 9.000 source lines of CapaLib variables and functions, to use with PsPad's builtin clip feature, so you only need to type 2 letters, and use a shortcut to paste dozens of syntax validated vbscripts lines into your CapaLib ComputerJobs.

W7-PsPadCapaLib.exe  Located in C:\ITD\TrywareDk\Bin 

This feature make all my CTRL+ALT features work, and makes sure that W7-PsPadCapaLibValid.exe is installed and working.

W7-PsPadCapalib.vbs  Located in Located in C:\<Program Files>\PSPad editor\Script\VBScript  

This feature defines the menu Script features, and starts W7-PsPadCapaLib.exe in ordr to run all my CTRL+ALT shortcuts

W7-PsPadCapaLibLanguage.exe  v1.0.0.0  Located in C:\ITD\TrywareDk\Bin 

Uses your own translation of C\ITD\TrywareDk\Bin\Lang\W7-PsPadCapaLibLanguage-English.ini (automatically recreated each time you run this feature exe file) copied to W7-PsPadCapaLibLanguage-YourOwn.ini to change the language for text variables in C:\<Program Files>\PSPad editor\Context\VBScript.DEF

This feature exe-file will automatically be disabled on all computers around the world if one user reports errors in it to me, and if so I will automatically alert about it on my website, and after fixing it, I will alert everyone about my new build, when it's ready.

If you is satisfied with your own translation, please email a copy to me, and I will alert everybody else about the new build.

Danish v1.0.0.0 April 2012

The "Build" also contains a lot of files from my own "Windows Features", that is part of all my other Windows Tools, so you might have some of them already.

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