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Script Editor where you only need to type 2 letters, to get dozens of syntax validated vbScripts lines pasted automatically into your ComputerJobs, if you are using the Management System from

If you are creating deployment scripts to a large amount of computers using the Management System from CapaSystems, you can save many hours with the Script Editor from, but only in combination with the PsPadEditorCapaLib Software, because it adds a huge number of vbScript Tools to the PsPad editor, where one of these Tools is specially designed to improve speed:

You only need to type 2 letters, to get dozens of syntax validated vbScripts lines including all CapaLib functions pasted automatically into your ComputerJobs.

There are several other Tools, e.g. a shortcut  - while you are writing your deployment script -  to open all  Computer- and User folders in Explorer.exe on Windows 8, 7 and XP.

The PsPad editor is 100% FreeWare created by the third-party vendor Jan Fiala, and alone it has many different syntax highlighting choices like e.g. vbScript and html, and many other fantastic features, and it's automatically included in the installation of the PsPadEditorCapaLib Software


  •   Editor that saves time customizing CapaSystems Computer- and UserJobs.
  • Shortcut to insert all  CapaLib functions like e.g. File_ExistFile().
  • Shortcuts to all  Computer- and User folder names in Windows 8, 7 and XP.
  • Shortcut to syntax control and find errors in the vbScript.
  • 10.000 source lines with all  CapaLib functions in release 4.51

The PsPad Script Editor from with a lot of different syntax highlighting choices like e.g. html, vbScript and AutoIt3,

and it has macros, clip files and templates to automate repetitive tasks. Integrated HEX Editor, Project support, FTP Client, Macro Recorder, File Search/Replace, Code Explorer, Code page conversion... these are just a few of the many features that PSPad offers, and it's dedicated for developers for Microsoft Windows systems, and it's an incredible advanced 100% freeware editor.

TryWare90Days have nothing with the creation of the PsPad Editor to do, because it's created by Jan Fiala, and if you install his editor included in the PsPadEditorCapaLib download, you'll get 100% the same editor, but including all the PsPadEditorCapaLib Tools, so TryWare90Days isn't any challenge, threat or competition to Jan Fiala's work, because it's highly appreciated with a donation of DKK 139 ($20) to him at February 20, 2012.

But the PsPadEditorCapaLib Tools  added more than 10.000 vbScript CapaLib Windows Tools to the PsPad editor:

The CapaLib Windows Tools is specially designed to improve the speed when using the Management System from, and one of these huge number of the CapaLib Windows Tools, is adding 10.000 syntax validated vbScript lines of CapaLib variables and functions, and a lot of extra variables and functions, including several dozens of CustomLib Functions, to the PsPad's built-in clip feature VBScript.def file, so you only need to type 2 letters, and use a shortcut to paste dozens of syntax validated vbScripts lines into your CapaInstaller ComputerJobs. 

If you e.g. type sy (for Sys_) and press CTRL +Space, and select Sys_BreakthruMsgBox with DIM 

... these lines below is automatically pasted into your ComputerJob, and the cursor is automatically placed at in the line with sAsk:


' Valid sDefault:        ONE, TWO or THREE


' Valid answer returned in gsValue: YES, NO, ABORT, RETRY, CANCEL, IGNORE or OK

' bAsync:    If false, then waits for the users answer

' Start and stop bold with '                E.g.:        Please 'dont' delete these files.

' But if you use don't instead of dont:, Then Please don is shown without bold, and the rest of the message is shown bold

' Sys_BreakthruMsgBox(sCaption, sText, sButtons, sDefault, sIconStyle, bASync)


Dim sTitle                        : sTitle  = "Message from IT-Department:"   

Dim sAnswer                       : sAnswer = "Users answer was"

Dim sThisFunctionName             : sThisFunctionName = ""

Dim sAsk                          : sAsk = "\|\nLine2"                      '    \n = 1 line breaks (max. 5 lines)


  If bStatus Then bStatus = Sys_BreakthruMsgBox(sTitle, sAsk, "OK", "ONE", "INFORMATION", False)

  sAnswer = sAnswer &  gsValue

  If bStatus Then bStatus = Job_WriteLog("Function" & sThisFunctionName, sAnswer, bStatus, True)

Here's a list of the other most important parts of the PsPadEditorCapaLib Tools added to the default installation of the PsPad Editor:

Like the one shown above all  of CapaLib's variables and functions are available, and some extra of the vbScript variables and functions, and a CustomLib samples in the VBScript.DEF file. 

Shortcut to the SUPPORT with all variants of install and uninstall switches about all the above mentioned installer programs. It's partly copied from the vendors version, but remarks are added according to 25 years programming experience in Slagelse Municipality, being domain administrator for 6.000 Windows 8, 7 and XP Enterprise computers using the CapaLib Management system.

Shortcut to 30 different Computer- or User folders, which is automatically opened with explorer.exe on your computer.

3 Shortcuts to help files about CapaLib variables and functions, vbScript variables and functions, and to PsPad. 

Automatic download if there's new releases. Use the shortcut CTRL+F8, or the menu "Scripts/© TryWare90Days HELP/© Download new releases"

Shortcut to register serial number. Use ALT+F8, or the menu "Scripts/© TryWare90Days HELP/© Register serial number"

Automatic silent reinstall if some of the dozens of the extra feature files is missing.

Automatic alert if your settings ini file for the CapaLib Features isn't valid.

Option to create a "small" zip-backup of all relevant PsPad settings files, without e.g. the exe files, so it's designed to make a new install of PsPad, and after that to add the content of the zip file.

The install file both installs the PsPad Editor including the latest "Build" from, but doesn't install e.g. the Babylon toolbar, that could be an enabled option when manually installing from, and after that some of the default pspad.ini settings are configured. Then all the extra CapaLib features is installed, both programs only using the 1 downloaded install file from this website. And 101% of it can be uninstalled using the 1 uninstall file, which is part of the installation file including everything that the installation file saved to your hard drive and in the registry.

Shortcut to the SilentSwitchFinder 100% FreeWare program that automatically finds the silent install and uninstall switches to most installers from AutoIt3, Inno Setup, Installshield, Microsoft MsiExec, Nullsoft NSIS and WinZip. The shortcuts automatically finds the installer file in the ..\Kit folder to investigate, and automatically pastes the needed syntax validated vbScripts lines into the ComputerJob opened in PsPad. It the SilentSwitchFinder can't find the switches, several dozens of relevant message lines about it, is copied to your computers clipboard, ready to insert into an email, you can send to the vendor.

And at last, but not at least, use the ContextRunas Windows Tools, to automatically run your PsPad Editor with the credentials as your domain administrator, even if you are logged on as a normal end user without being local administrator. This Windows Tool makes it possible for you to e.g. gain access you all your company's computers using UNC path like e.g. \\ \C$ when using the PsPad editor.

Here's some screenshots of the PsPad Editor with the PsPadEditorCapaLib Software:

Shortcuts automatically opens url links to CapaWiki documentation, Microsoft Basic vbScript help and the vbScript help: 

Shortcuts automatically downloads new releases, registers serial number, and opens url links to documentation, vbScript functions and silent installer syntax:

Shortcuts automatically opens explorer.exe with all   the Computer folders on Windows 8, 7 and XP:

Shortcuts automatically opens explorer.exe with all   the User folders on Windows 8, 7 and XP:

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