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Tested on:

Windows 2000 server 32 bit

Windows 2003 server 32 bit

Windows 2000 computer 32 bit

Page updated October 2015

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Double-click on SETUP.EXE below:


You have to select Save this program to disk, when You …


Download Setup.exe 2.521 KB


When You double-click on the download-file above, You will see the File Download message:

IMPORTANT:  If you select Run this program from its current location, the installation tries to start, but you will get an error message, because Setup.exe tries to unpack 13 files in the folder on your hard disc, where Setup.exe was supposed to be saved. And because Setup.exe isn’t saved in an folder, You will get the error message:


You have to select Save this program to disk


You can select to scan Setup.exe for virus, but I have already done this for you.

When you use Setup.exe, the following files is created:


When finished, Setup.exe leaves these systemfiles, that can be deleted:


When you start W2kEventLogReport.exe from W2kEventLogMenu.exe the first time, the following files/folders is created:


If any errors is found when using W2kEventLogReport.exe, the following files could be created:


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