ShareWare and FreeWare programs for domain administrators and Windows users


Tested on:

Windows 7 Enterprise 32 bit

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

Windows XP SP2 32 bit

Page updated September 2012

C:\ITD\TrywareDk\W7-Backup\Bin\W7-Backup.exe does the following:

  1. If the C:\ITD\TrywareDk\W7-Backup\_____Backup exists, you are told how old your earlier backup is, and get an option to overwrite it. If you decide to overwrite it, you get an option to make an extra backup first in C:\ITD\TrywareDk\W7-Backup\_____Backup_OLD

  2. Copy all files from C:\ITD\TrywareDk and subfolders to

  3. If any of the Windows Tools includes thirdparty installations, like e.g. W7-PsPadEditorCapaLib, then copy all files from C:\<ProgramFiles>\<ThirdpartyProgramFolder> to

  4. Removes *.bak, *.lnk, *.bin, *.bmp, *.chm, *.chw, *.dat, *.exe, *.dll, *.pdf and *.txt from all subfolders of C:\ITD\TrywareDk\W7-Backup\_____Backup

  5. Using C:\ITD\TrywareDk\W7-Freeware\Bin\7z.exe makes a file located in


I didn't make a restore program, because it's so simple. Just use Explorer.exe to copy the folder/subfolders from C:\ITD\TrywareDk\W7-Backup\_____Backup\DriveC  to C:\


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