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Tested on:

Windows 7 Enterprise 32 bit

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

Windows XP SP2 32 bit

Page updated September 2012

Program's that I'm using myself - Freeware and purchased:

FaceBook and YouTube doesn't support upload of music files like e.g. MP3 or WAV, but with RealA2V you can easily convert your music file to a "video".

The "video" below isn't a video, but only an MP3 file and a JPG picture combined to an AVI video file using RealA2V that costs $25, but it was a freeware download from (only September 16, 2012).

But RealA2V only saves as 48 MB AVI, so I converted it to 12 MB WMV using iWisoft Freeware Video Converter

Please note, that if my video above doens't play, then download the newest version of your media player, e.g.

Windows Media Player or VLC Media Player

Please note that my Norton Internet Security 2012’s Sonar scanner stopped the installation of RealA2v, because of a not specified suspecious activity,

Translation of the Danish language in Nortons Sonar alert above:

But neither the 42 different antivirus scanners from VirusTotal

or's 20 different scanners:

or my IoBit’s Malware Fighter

or my Norton Internet Security 2012’s Antivirus scanner found anything, so with 64 antivirus scannings ”support”, I decided to de-activate my Norton Sonar scanner while I installed RealA2V

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