ShareWare and FreeWare programs for domain administrators and Windows users


Tested on:

Windows 8 Pro 64 bit

Windows 7 Enterprise 32 bit

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

Windows XP SP2 32 bit

Page updated October 2014

I'm beta testing my solution right now, and I expect that version is ready for download early in 2016.


When it's ready you can pay for a lifetime license. As you can see in my EULA-Copyright.txt located in the C:\ITD\TrywareDk\Setup\Bin folder.

All my PayWare programs is sold with a lifetime license

Maybe you are creating deployment scripts with your Management System, to install thirdparty programs on your many domain computers, but the only option with a few of these programs, is to make your endusers member of the local administrator group, which isn't normally allowed in your company. And the exe-file was forced UAC-elevated, even if the builtin manifest wasn't RequireAdministrator, but only RunAsInvoker. If you ask Microsoft, it's because UAC evaluates all exe files, because they could be installation files.

With my Windows tool, you can run all exe files, and all other script function files like e.g. vbs and cmd without being UAC elevated. If you ask Microsoft UAC can't be disabled and re-enabled without 2 reboots. If you ask me, it's done "on the fly" without any reboot with my Windows Tool

If you are writing vbScript functions or utilities, where you want to protect your source code, you have until now only had the option to obfuscate (encode) it, but this can easily be decoded again. If you ask Microsoft, vbScript can't be decrypted, but only encoded. If you ask me, you can use my Windows tool combined with decrypting your vbScript source code, if you buy a cheap vbs to exe utility, or as I use the basic like freeware compiler from AutoIt


W8-RunDisableUAC.exe must run always and with domain administrator credentials, and with credentials to install on your domain computers, so it runs as a service with the domain administrators credentials.

But it won't create any performance problems, because it only occupies 9 KB RAM, and it uses less than 0,1% in your task managers CPU. The total Max. of 3% is only because the statistics was collected over 3 days, while I was BETA-testing my Windows Tool intensively.

Please note the average (AVG %) over 3 days

Change the NTFS permissions to the C:\ITD\TrywareDk\W8-RunDisableUAC\Lib FOLDER so ALL Users have read and execute permissions, BUT with write permissions ONLY to your local or domain administrator. Otherwise anybody, even NON administrators might gain option to run ALL files on the computer with the credentials you (as administrator) used to run the W8-RunDisableUAC.exe file as service.

PLEASE NOTE: You must RESTRICT ALL Users (except local administrators) from reading your backup, created with W7-Backup.exe located in
                     the C:\ITD\TrywareDk\W8-Backup\Bin folder, and it's especially these folders you need to protect:

                              C:\ITD\TrywareDk\W7-Backup\Bin         (because of the file)


                              (because of the C:\ITD\TrywareDk\W7-Backup\_____Backup\DriveC\ITD\TrywareDk\W8-RunDisableUAC\Lib folder)


                              (because of the C:\ITD\TrywareDk\W7-Backup\_____Backup\DriveC_OLD\ITD\TrywareDk\W8-RunDisableUAC\Lib folder)

                        If you forgot to take a backup of the @-W8-Template.vbs file, there's a writeprotected copy with the default settings
                        located in the C:\ITD\TrywareDk\W8-RunDisableUAC\Bin folder

When my Windows Tool runs, it will create logfiles in the C:\ITD\TrywareDk\W8-RunDisableUAC\Log folder. These logfiles will be deleted/appended/created each time you use one of my W8-RunDisableUAC files:

    W8-RunDisableUAC.log          - Appended to W8-RunDisableUAC.bak, and deleted before execution.

    W8-RunDisableUAC.bak         - Valid switches is appended. File is truncated to max. 100 KB.

    Error-W8-RunDisableUAC.log  - Appended to Error-W8-RunDisableUAC.bak, and deleted before execution

    Error-W8-RunDisableUAC.bak - Error switches is appended. File is truncated to max. 100 KB.

So if you are using a Management System, you are able to track success or errors if the W8-RunDisableUAC.log file or in the
Error-W8-RunDisableUAC.log that is created according to the INFO #nnn: or ERROR #nnn:  numbers (all nnn numbers in 3 digits) described in

W8-Setup-LogNumbers.txt located in the C:\ITD\TrywareDk\W8-Setup\Bin folder.

It contains all lognumbers for all my FreeWare/ShareWare Windows Tools. It's currently about a couple of hundreds error and info codes, like example:

    ERROR #0027: License isn't validated with correct accountname and password

    INFO #0047: Please read my SYNTAX descriptions file before using my Windows Tool

Some of my Windows Tool files needs some switches in order to work. If you start it with the -?, -help, /? or /help switch, I will open a notepad file, and show you my syntax descriptions for the needed switches.

W8-RunDisableUAC doesn't have this -help feature, because the only possible switch is -silent, and -silent can only be used on your domain users computers, but log files will still be created. When running on the domain adminstrators computer, the -silent switch can't be used.

As you can see in my W8-EULA-Copyright.txt located in the C:\ITD\TrywareDk\W7-Setup\Bin folder, I give you a lifetime license after paying me:

     1 computer:       $19.95 -    115 DKK

     5 computers:      $49.95 -    290 DKK

    10 computers:      $99.95 -    575 DKK

   100 computers:     $399.95 -  2.300 DKK

 1.000 computers:     $999.95 -  5.750 DKK

       unlimited:   $1.999.95 - 11.475 DKK

Nobody knows, but if Microsoft decides to disable my W8-RunDisableUAC Windows Tool, there's nothing I can do about it, except on my website, to declare the end date of my 90 days money back guarantee. This date will not be 90 days after Microsoft disabled it, but 90 days after I discovered that they did. Then I will of course use the next 89 days to "open my umbrella", and try to make a new solution for my W8-RunDisableUAC Windows Tool

But you don't have license to distribute my W8-RunDisableUAC Windows Tool to anybody else.

A 100% freeware (trial) version with a lifetime license is available.

Most of the manual settings you need to do as told in my W8-RunDisabledUAC-SYNTAX.txt file below is automatically done when you use my W8-RunDisableUAC-Config.exe file located in the C:\ITD\TrywareDk\W8-RunDisableUAC\Bin folder:

This is some of the description files, that's part of my W8-RunDisableUAC Windows Tool:

This is how it works - what you need to do according to the W7-RunDisabledUAC-SYNTAX.txt file located in the C:\ITD\TrywareDk\W7-RunDisableUAC\Bin folder

As you can see above, the @-W7-Template.vbs file includes the W7-Configuration.vbe file located in the C:\ITD\TrywareDk\W7-RunDisableUAC\Bin folder

This settingsfile is used on all your computers: W7-RunDisabledUAC.ini located in the C:\ITD\TrywareDk\W7-RunDisableUAC\Ini folder

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